Apr 6, 2008

A Midsummer's Night Dream

Saturday night Hotness and I attended the ballet to see A Midsummer's Night Dream.
We were both really looking forward to going, as this was the first ballet we attened when we first started getting season tickets, lo these many years ago, and it holds a special place in our hearts as being one of the more fun ones to see.

Unfortunately, we only stayed for the first act (of two).
It may have been a lack of sleep from the previous night on my part, I'm not quite sure.
But once the curtains rose and everything started, we just didn't feel inspired to stay and see the whole thing. It didn't seem as 'magical' to either of us this time around.
All the good parts happen during the first act, so by skipping out during intermission we weren't missing anything.

Thus being earlier in the evening than normal for a ballet night, we skipped our usual post-show meal at Pomodoro on Eastlaske and headed up north to the Comic Stop to drop in, make an appearance and show off our fancy clothes.

It was poker night at Ye Old Comic Stop, so the regular gang was there and welcomed us into the fold.
Palindrome had brought in some home-made cookies that he baked, so Hotness got her fill and was cookied-up for the night.
I browsed the racks (COMIC racks, you perverts!) while some people played poker, and others stood around talking about the upcoming ECCC and all things Jamie Bamber-related.

It was getting late by now and we were getting a bit tired so we left and headed home. This time WITHOUT the added adventure of getting stuck in the snow and having to walk home, thankfully!

In other news:
With my recent trips coming up to Calgary Expo and the ECCC happening real soon, I've been trying to avoid everybody that's showing signs of being sick like.... well, like the plague.

I've started a regimen of vitamin C, echinacea w/ zinc, ginsing, and LOTS of tea involvolving detoxifying herbs and immunity boosters.
I'm no Slim Goodbody or anything, but I'll be SUPER-pissed if I wake up the morning before the show and I've gotten the flu.

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Elwood said...

Thanks for the Flaming Carrot loan, and also thanks for adding me to your Blog-Roll! Makes me feel all warm inside.

I'll get the book back in a week or two.