Apr 20, 2008

How I Spent Saturday

Yesterday was an eventful day. In a good way.

The morning started by heading out and getting coffee downtown on our way south to take pictures of the outfits I helped pick out for Hotness's coworker.
We got there and he had everything laid out in a spare room.
His wife came in and joined us while we took each shirt and paired it up with an appropriate pair of pants (and tie if needed). She took pictures and he shuffled the clothes back to the closet as we finished with them.
Man! He has got plenty of clothes to wear without repeating himself for quite some time.

Afterwards, Hotness and I stopped for lunch at Acapulco Fresh on the way home.
With both our tummies full, we got home and she went to the barn to take care of her horse while I did a quick load of laundry, took a shower and got ready for the nights activities.
She came back shortly and took her shower while I ironed a some pants and then back out the door we went.

First to Bellevue to meet up with her boss and his wife and then we all carpooled into Seattle to have dinner at Pomodoro with them.
They have never been and we've been wanting to get together with them there for a while.
Dinner was excellent, as always, and they were impressed by how beautiful the food was presented.

They wanted to go dancing and asked Hotness & I if we'd like to join them.
Not to brag about my many OTHER skills, but dancing is just not one of them. I'm about as white and un-rhytmically coordinated as they get.
"Oh it's okay. It's Salsa dancing, and they have a one-hour lesson that you can take and then stay to dance afterwards", they said.
"Oh pleeeeeaaase?" begged Hotness.
I relented and we took off to go to the Century Ballroom on Capitol Hill.

We parked, went inside and joined the crowd that was already there.
About five-minutes into it I gave up. The footwork seemed simple but trying to watch AND execute it in a working manner was not happening.

So I sat on a stool off to the side and watched.
don't mind making a fool of myself sometimes, but I DO NOT enjoy dancing (or attempting to anyway) and making a fool out on the dance floor.
Some guys got it and some guys don't. I don't and I've learned to accept it.

A little later we headed back to their place where we sat and watched a couple of programs on TV with them and then called it a night.
It was around midnight, and while we didn't have plans for Sunday, we still needed to get home as this weather has been crazy and we didn't know if we'd make it up our hill because of the snow.

Not far from our house, one of the neighbor's garbage cans was tipped over and trash was spread out across the road.
"Oh great. One of the neighborhood dogs is loose and on a rampage. They'll love cleaning THAT up in the morning!" I said.
We pulled into our driveway and just caught a brief glimpse of a large, black, lumbering figure running in front of us and through our backyard.
A black bear was actually the culprit and we were lucky enough to see it before it disappeared into the woods.
I wanted to get pictures of the bear tracks in the snow, but Hotness was scared it would come out after us and made me come back inside.
This morning when I got up, we had fresh snow on the ground so I'm sorry I have no cool pictures of bear tracks to show you.

Speaking of snow...
Aren't we already a month into spring?
Here we are and it's snowing still.
Last weekend it was almost 80 degrees and this weekend it's barely above freezing. Crazy.

4 things people had to say:

Dr. Zoltar said...

It's good to hear of another guy in a relationship that does laundry and ironing. Ever since I paid my way through grad school working in a tuxedo rental shop, I've always ironed my own clothes.

Nice story about the bear! It must have been the weekend for wildlife as we had a racoon in the middle of the day hang out in the backyard. Usually I only see them at night.

Ferretnick said...

I think this weather is what brought him down into our yard.

It's spring so there SHOULD be food available, but it hasn't warmed up enough like it usually does this time of year.
Poor hungry fella!

Elwood said...

I do the laundry in our house, only because it's easier that way. Wife and the dogs are gone most Sundays at dog school, so I can take down the gate that separates the laundry room/kitty litter location and get it all done while they're out.

I do not now, nor have I ever, ironed. I buy my shirts wrinkle-free (both Eddie Bauer and Brooks Brothers make sweet iron-less shirts), and wear jeans pretty much always. I need something pressed, I get it dry cleaned.

Ferretnick said...

I guess I should probably mention that Hotness does the laundry most of the time.
I'll do a load of washing every now & then, but she does the lion's share. (or lioness's, as the case may be)

But I do all the ironing when it's required. She's never ironed.