Apr 13, 2008

More Saturday Fun

After we did the shopping, we had plans to get together with friends in the late afternoon / evening one last time before one of our tribe is due to have her second child (and would therefore be out of the loop for at least another year).

So we headed back towards their house where everone was waiting.

It was a beautiful spring evening for getting together and sitting on the porch just catching up with each other.

We had sort of a potluck dinner and mingled indoors and out on the porch as conversations moved amongst the group.

The kids had fun and ran around in the yard after eating. (Hopefully tiring themselves out so they'd get to bed early... but no such luck I'm guessing)

One of the group is celebrating his birthday later this week so we sang the birthday song and ate cake. (He's in the middle staring back at me)

It was a terrific way to end such a beautiful, warm, sunny day by spending it with great friends.

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