Jun 9, 2007

Popular Seattle Celebrity Dies

I was sad to find out that our newest member in the elephant exhibit at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, had died of (as yet) unknown causes.
Hansa was just 6 years old, and seemed to be doing well.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
(picture at left from the Seattle Times website)
We went to see her few years ago after watching a video of what the zoo had tried to do to get her mom pregnant. It was quite an ordeal, but was such a happy story when she was born.
I think we saw her after she had turned one-year old but before she was two, so was still quite small and extremely playful. (I have some pictures somewhere, but can't find them at this time)

She'll be missed.

Well, not to take a tragic loss and turn it on it's ear, but the GF and I finally upgraded or phones.
I had resisted getting one in the first place, but she talked me into it and turned out that I used it as much (if not more) than she did.
The ones we had were getting kind of ghetto, so we got some fancy new ones.

I got an LG VX9900 (a.k.a. LG enV)

2.0 Megapixel camera, bluetooth capable, and plays music that I can load from my computer on it's S-T-E-R-E-O speakers my friend. Rock on!

GF (from now on, she'll be referred to as "The Hotness") got a Motorola KRZR.

Her's was red, but I couldn't find a decent picture online of the red one.

It's bluetooth enabled as well, and a pretty sharp little phone in it's own right.

(I guess everything is Bluetooth now, but I've had my ghetto phone for so long it's new to me.)

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