Mar 27, 2009

Another Milestone

This morning on the way to work (thankfully NOT behind another litterbug!), I passed the 100K mile mark on my car.
And all but 12 of those miles were put on there by me.
Well, okay... Hotness and whoever else I let drive it. But mostly me.

I still love my car, despite the battlescars it's aquired over time.
And I'm soooo close to paying it off, I can almost taste it.
Once I do make the last payment, I'm going to put that money into fixing all the little dents, scratches, etc... that have accumulated and make it all bright, shiny and new-looking again for the next 100K miles.

1 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

Are 100,000 miles in a Mini like 60 or 70k in a real car?

Just teasin'. Congrats on the mileage and on the almost paid off-ness!