Mar 7, 2009

Not Dead Yet

Not to make light of a serious situation... well, actually yes I am.

Hotness's mom is still hanging in there.
Everybody (doctors, hospice nurses, and close friends) all thought that she was on her way out and would be passing away soon.

That was about 4 weeks ago.

After Hotness had spent as much time back with her as she could, it looked as though that was going to be the last time she saw her mom.
With all the painkillers and anti-depressants her mom was on, her condition was just getting worse by the day.
She wasn't eating or drinking and started wasting away.
But she didn't die.

In fact, she's been taking fewer drugs and has begun to get her appetite back (such as it is).
This isn't to say she's going to make a miracle come-back from death's door, but it is quite amazing that she's doing as well as she is.

When I talked to her a few weeks back, I thought it was going to be for the last time.
But I got to talk to her on this past Wednesday and she even called me at home on Thursday night to talk to me. (She called for me and not Hotness. Ha ha!)
I wasn't home at the time, so I returned her call on Friday afternoon and we had a very nice talk.

She told me that aside from feeling extremely weak, she's been able to drink some de-caf coffee, tea, and even had some soup the day before. (Things she hadn't been able to get down a couple weeks earlier)
She was even home alone for a few hours, since she didn't seem to need constant attention the last few days.

She's said many times that she's ready to die, but apparently her body isn't.
It's nice that she's still around and we've been able to talk together, but it's emotionally difficult to be on this up-and-down rollercoaster with her health.

Hotness spent all the time she could with her mom, thinking that it was going to be the last.
And Hotness's brother has taken time off from work to be there in their mom's final days... which don't seem to have an expiration date.
So its' really tough for them to know when to say "goodbye", plus they don't want her to be alone. But bills have to be paid and so eventually they have to return to work.

Their mom's recent turn of good spirits and health sort of reminds me of this:

And I post this with 100% assurance that Hotness's mom would even find it funny.

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