Mar 18, 2009

Monday Night Movie Madness (Madness, I Tell You!!!)

I trust you all had a terrific St. Patrick's Day, with lots of corned beef and green beer to end the day's festivities.

As I said I would, here's what went down the day earlier:

About a week ago, I got an email from Technogreek asking if anybody was interested in seeing a special screening of a movie at the Sci-Fi Musuem in Seattle.
After making sure I didn't have any other plans and coordinating a ride with Elwood, I said, "Heck yeah! I'm in!" and we all went to go see "Alien Trespass" Monday night after work.

I met up with Elwood at the Comic Stop in Redmond, and we carpooled into the big city where we also picked-up fellow comic store alumni, Bogath. Then on to find parking and join up with everyone else.

I like B-movies... I like just about ANY movie as you can tell if you've been reading this for any length of time... and this was a fun, campy tribute to '50's sci-fi.
Having just recently watched all three of the original "The Fly" movies, "Tarantula", "Dr. Cyclops", and a bunch of other old flicks I was ready for some good old-fashioned, cheesy 'alien-comes-to-earth' kind of action.
However, this movie was made recently so it's more of an homage to those classic films.

It was in color, rather than black-and-white, and the colors practically popped-out at you. Sort of like the old Technicolor films.
The acting was just what is should be... hammy and over-done. Just right for this type of movie.
The alien, or rather aliens (as there were two different ones) were cheesy and fun.
Oh! And Jody Thompson?.... Rawr! (Makes me wish I was scientist in a movie!)

Overall, I just really liked this film.
Would I recommend it? Only if you have similar tastes in goofy, cornball movies.
Does it live up to it's predecessors? Oh yeah. Almost perfectly.
Will I see it again? More than likely if I can catch it in the theater again, otherwise I'll probably get it on DVD when it comes out.

Afterwards, everybody was kind of hungry so we walked to the Dick's next to Seattle Center for burgers and good conversation.
Nothing extraordinary other than a good time and tasty hamburgers and fries with friends.

When we got done eating, it was was getting late so we all walked back to our respective vehicles of choice and headed home.

Elwood dropped me off in Redmond and that wrapped up the evening.
Fun times with friends, food and a goofy movie. I rate the evening as A+.

** Update 8:30 p.m.
The trailer link wasn't working so I removed it from the post.

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Elwood said...

That was a great night!