Mar 26, 2009

The Litterbug

"Dear Morning Commuter,

You were in front of me this morning on my way into work, and as we were poking along I could see that you were smoking.
I'm not going to chastise you about your choice of vices, it's your decision and you're obviously a grown up.

I am, however, going to call you out on being a litterbug.

You see, you may think that nobody saw you take your used cigarette and drop it out of your window (all stealthy like... or so you thought) but I did.
And I watched as it hit the ground and bounced a couple of times before my tires ran over it and put it out.

Obviously I could be mistaken, as I wasn't in the car with you, but I'm pretty darn certain that your car came with an ashtray.
And since you don't seem to mind smoking in your car and stinking it up, they why not do the 'green thing' and use it instead of littering the road?

I may not know your name, but because you chose to be a dick and litter I got your license plate number and I'm posting it for the world to see which car is owned by a smoker who likes to drop their ciggie butts out the window... since you more than likely throw other things out of it as well.

You were driving an silver/blue Hyndai Elantra with WA State plate # 608-TKP.

If I have the chance to be in traffic with you again and catch you tossing another cigarette butt out your window, just know that if the opportunity presents itself I'll pick it up and toss it back into your car when we're stopped.

Thanks and have a crappy day, --- Ferretnick"

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Dr. Zoltar said...



I've used both many times.

Liz aka sistersofblackness said...

I was going to say the same thing.