Mar 4, 2009

So What's New?

Nothing much really.
I just haven't had much to really talk about and share on here, so I've kept to myself and sort of been "offline" as it were.

I was bummed to find out last week about Elwood's emplyoment status, as we had just had lunch a few days earlier and it looked to be pretty secure.
After a few sullen days, he's taking it in stride and moved on. I'm glad to hear he's doing good. Best of luck to him.

The convention draws closer every day, and with it I'm running out of time to finish projects I wanted to do for some of the guests. I hope to have them all done in time.... but my procrastination knows no bounds. Guess I'd better get serious.

I recently purchased an external hard-drive and have been in the process of moving some of the content off my home computer onto it. (Music, videos, etc...)
I didnt realize how much I'd aquired, but I needed to clear space on my internal hard-drive and doing this has made a big improvement in that dept.
I'll probably carry it with me to work or the comic store so I can listen to music at lunch or share some of the crap I've gotten with everyone else. You have been warned.

Hotness's mom is still on the downhill slide, but mentally doing much better.
She's not taking quite as much of the drugs she was taking at the onset, so her mood has actually improved even though her body continues to deteriorate.

I've been trying to 'share the love' when it comes to ECCC this year.
I've had a lot of friends who have expressed interest in going to the show in the past but never went.
So this year I've been getting extra tickets for them as as incentive to come and experience it.
I'm hoping it pays off and they'll want to keep coming coming back.
At the very least, I'm looking forward to having my friends show up and have a good time and seeing what it is I do that makes me talk about it all year.

I still haven't gotten around to watching "Tokyo Gore Police" or "Meatball Machine" just yet.
I really have to be in the right frame of mind to start those movies and I just haven't been.
However, I did recently purchase the old-school "The Fly" series at Costco.
I've watched the original and the sequel, but fell asleep watchig the third movie.
What's interesting about the first movie, is that it was produced through 20th Century Fox which also made the original "The Day The Earth Stood Still".

Both of these movies were unconventional in their time as they didn't portray the monster as the villian in these films, which was very untypical at that time.
In "TDTESS" the alien came to earth to warn us that our violent tendencies were going to get us into trouble, and we (being stupid, paranoid humans) attacked him at the onset.
In "The Fly", the scientist discovered too late what it means to tamper with science and tried to destroy himself before becoming any more of a monster than he'd already become.

So that's about all I've been up to recently.
Nothing too exciting.

Hope I haven't been keeping you in suspense for too long.

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Elwood said...

Thanks for letting me borrow those movies. I'll try not to spoil them for you before you have a chance to watch them. :)