Mar 13, 2009

It's Called SAFE SEX For A Reason..... Idiot!

I don't make this stuff up, friends.
I just report it.

A Maryland woman was badly injured recently when her partner (boyfriend, husband, "aquaintance"?) attached a sex toy to a saber saw (a.k.a. reciprocating saw) and attempted to use it during sex.
The saw cut through the toy and then cut the woman, causing her to bleed.
The man called police who in turn had the woman taken to the hospital.
The accident was deemed the result of mishap during consensual sex, and it was determined that no crime had been commited.
No further word on the woman's condition at this time.


Okay first things first.


Who's bright idea was it to do that in the first place?
I feel bad for the woman, since she got hurt pretty seriously.
But she apparently agreed to let him do it. It's not like he tied her up and forced her.

And a reciprocating saw? Really?!?
This is what one looks like:

Those things are made for cutting through drywall and crap. And they put a shaft of soft rubber over the blades and thought "it'd be good for some fun"?

Has the whole world just totally lost it?
How could anyone POSSIBLY think it was a good idea?
At the very least, they should have taken the blades off of it. There's still the potential to get hurt, but at least there wouldn't be any JAGGED F&@KING SAW BLADES to risk cutting into her body!!!

Hotness & I aren't above a little slap & tickle ourselves, but when it comes to incorporating power tools into the bedroom I think we both know better.

I just don't understand where people's heads are anymore.
It's like there's nothing in them to tell them "Hey! This is a bad idea and isn't going to end well. You'd better stop."

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Imperfect said...

This takes the phrase, "If sex is a pain in the a**, you're doing it wrong" to a whole new level.

Liz said...

Know I know what to get you for a wedding present-LOL.