Mar 30, 2009

Busy, Exciting Weekend


I couldn't have asked for a better weekend full of fun.

I kicked it off Friday night by hanging out at my buddy Imperfect's place and playing with my niece and nephew. (Mostly my niece, though)

"Uncle Ferretnick dance with me. Uncle Ferretnick let's make a (pretend) cake. Uncle Ferretnick spin me around. Uncle Ferretnick read me a bedtime story."

We shared a pizza that I brought and although I didn't get to share the magic that is Wonder Woman with her, we had a lot of fun!


On Saturday, Hotness & I ran some errands which included picking up prezzies for George & Elwood for their combined birthday party Rockbandapalooza.

That was just all kinds of good time wrapped up in a big fluffy bow.... with cake!
Here are some random pics from the night:

I can't sing, so finding me willingly doing it is like finding a unicorn pissing rainbows on Feb. 29th*.
But sing I did, and not just one song but TWO!
I managed to belt out "War Pigs" and "N.I.B." both by Black Sabbath.
I think Ozzie would've said "Wh-wh-wh-what the bleedin' hell, mate? My head f***kin' hurts now!"

The birthday party was a blast, and both of the guys got a bunch of awesome gifts.

Hotness and I cut out sometime around 11:30 and headed home.


Then on Sunday we slept in late and woke up to snow. Again. In Spring. Yeesh!

We kind of stumbled around the house until close to noon, when we left to head into Lynnwood for the second volunteer meeting for this year's ECCC.

We got our job assignments, this year's volunteer T-shirt, stuffed a butt-load of 'give-away' bags and just hung the around the shop having a good time with each other.

Afterwards, some of the group took off for a fuel-injected overdrive movie-fest, while others of us went over to Red Robin for burgers and alcohol. (Mmmm... Bailey's shake)

There were 5 different groups of people celebrating their birthdays, and we seemed to be in the middle of all the cheering and yelling.

When we were all finished, everyone parted ways and Hotness & I drove south to Seattle to meet up with her brother (who is on his way back to Hawaii) and his lady friend.

They were waiting for us at Gasworks Park, which I've never been to before... even though I'm a native from here.
It was getting dark when we showed up, but I still managed to get a few pictures:

We hung out for a bit until it started getting too chilly, then we left them to go home.

On our way, we stopped in at Pomodoro to see one of the waitresses we know and show her Hotness's new engagement ring.

After that, it was finally time to go home.
And when we go there we hit the sack hard and slept harder.


And now I'm coming down with a cold... yippee, just in time for the convention this weekend.
I'm dosing up on echinacea and vitamin C. I am determined to power through the rest of this week and be okay for the show. Time will tell.....

* This has become my new favorite saying for things that are extremely improbable.

2 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

You took video of the Rock Banding, right?

This was a great weekend! A good way to unwind and relex before next weekend's ConStressFest.

Ferretnick said...

Only video I got was everybody singing "Happy Birthday".
No Rock Band video footage unfortunately.

I totally agree. It was nice to get together with everyone and have a good time before the blur of next weekend happens.