Mar 11, 2009

Can I Show You My Crack?

If you're not a regular reader here.... you perv! (Ha ha ha!)
And if you ARE a regular reader, well I already knew you were kinda 'pervy' already.

Anyway, it's not THAT kind of crack you sick monkeys.
It's my windshield crack on my car.
Here, take a look;

Back in Nov. '07 I got a nasty rock chip on the passenger side of the window. Followed by another really bad one smack dab in the center right above the dash.
Nothing much happened after that, and I've been waiting until the car was paid off to fix all the little dents, chips, and scratches on my "baby".

Well, this winter has been a little harsher on it than last year and the rock chip in the center has begun to form cracks. At first they were only about an inch in either direction.
But as you can see in the photos, they have spread a lot farther than that.
I even watched as one continued to grow while I was driving into work yesterday morning.

So I may be replacing my windshield a lot sooner than I had planned on doing.
Rassin' frassin'......

2 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

Is it a mini-crack? Heh.

Mike Miller said...

Snap i lost your email adress, if you still have mine shoot me an email so I can return you one with your Wuserpic oh Spunky Misunderstood Genius ;)