Apr 23, 2008

Chow For Now

Okay, I know it's really spelled 'Ciao' but I wanted I just wanted... aw fugedaboutit.

Anyway, I am on my way up to Calgary tomorrow morning, so this will be my last post until I get back in another week.

I'm hoping to have lots of nifty keen pictures (read: embarrassing. probably of me.) and if I'm lucky maybe even some cool videos.
I'm hoping to interview some of the guests while I'm at the show so we'll see what happens.
At the very least, I'll have some new artwork to show off.

So while I'm gone be sure to eat your veggies, respect your parents, get to bed early and treat each other with kindness.
Oh who am I kidding? Have fun!

1 things people had to say:

Dr. Zoltar said...

I'm chopping at the bit for a show report buddy. I'm sure you've slept off that hangover by now.